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The Accounting
Infrastructure for Your ICO

CoinCart is a turn-key ICO issuance platform that allows you to raise capital and manage participants. CoinCart’s enterprise-grade infrastructure allows you to execute your ICO painlessly.

- Collect purchaser documents
- Approve purchasers for AML/KYC
- Accept purchases in multiple cryptocurrencies
- Manage ERC-20 wallet info for purchasers through one platform

Setup and Presale

Set your initial token allocation parameters, including total number of tokens, discounts or bonuses and vesting parameters. Collect presale funds at any time.

Execute Your ICO

Launch your ICO to the public without worrying about server failures or DDoS attacks. Track the sale progress and adjust pricing dynamically throughout the sale.

Feed Your Smart Contract

Once your ICO has concluded, CoinCart makes it easy to account for all payments and issue any refunds. Then distribute the tokens to participants seamlessly.

What Does CoinCart Cost?

That's right, 100% free for most sales.

Contact our product specialist about pricing for custom deployments and additional services.

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Trust Your Sale to CoinCart

Keep your engineering team focused on your product, let us handle the infrastructure.

Create a custom funding plan with presale allocations, discounts and different purchase tranches.

Enterprise-grade infrastructure and DDoS protection lets you focus on your project, not configuring firewalls.

Set dynamic token pricing models to maximize your purchaser base and number of network participants.

Document collection tools let you collect signed SAFTs, KYC information or other paperwork from eligible purchasers.

Real-time currency conversions allow you to price tokens in your native currency to remove volatility risk.

Live reconciliation and tools for on-the-fly adjustments let you control the pace and amount of your fundraise while the ICO is ongoing.

"CoinCart is the future of decentralizing the token sale model, this ushers in a new paradigm for raising funds across the entire world."


"CoinCart was the obvious choice for the MAD Network ICO.  With the amount of FUD in this new market, working with established players that have a straightforward cost structure and top-notch tech talent building — we had no other choice."


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